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"This project is a homage to the tv series we couldn’t stay away from in recent times: Breaking Bad, Dexter, Lost, Mad Men and Homeland. 

The collection consists of five thematic posters based on typographical cuts of paper and cardboard. We tried to represent the spirit of each series by pointing out the most important statements and situate them in their typical ambience using characteristic elements and moods.”

Bandiz design studio is based in Madrid, Spain. This studio is focused on graphic design, photography, print design and art direction.

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"La Persistencia de la Memoria"

Fotomontaje realizado por Andrés Cruzat y publicado en su Galeria de Flickr, reune fotos originales tomadas por: Horacio Villalobos, Köen Wessing, Chas Gerretsen y David Burnett.

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The All Inclusive Design Bundle for $29: +1,000 Items (Only 1 week).

Designcuts has released this big bundle, that easily will be your favourite one. If you’re a lover of the the handmade-vintage looks you will find all the tools to emulate that style and much more here. 

You get 5 best-selling fonts, hundreds of vectors, dozens of textures, brushes, Photoshop actions, stock photos, print effects, hand-drawn items, ebooks, and more! You’re literally getting 4-5 bundles worth of value, combined into a single bundle, and for no extra cost. And they’ve squashed this collection down from $876 to just $29.

Extras:  Many of this resources comes with extras such as bonus vector packs, brush sets, actions, workbooks and much more. Beyond this, the quality of these items means that they give you endless customisation options and creative control.

It’s better that you check by yourself all the lovely things included:

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Postcards by Nicole Gustafsson aka nimasprout on Etsy

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"The power is in the rawness and the passion"

As photographed by Lance Mercer 1992-1995

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Exploring the Abandoned “Plague Fort” in Kronstadt, Russia

For more photos and videos from Fort Alexander I, explore the Форт «Император Александр I» (Чумной) location page.

In the Gulf of Finland, a tiny fortified island sits quietly off the coast of Kronstadt, Russia. The Russian military constructed Fort Alexander I in 1845 as a way to guard the waters near Saint Petersburg. Although the fort played a key role in resisting military tensions of the time, it was never used in actual battles. By the late 1800s, the entire island was handed over to the Imperial Institute of Experimental Medicine (currently known as the Institute of Experimental Medicine of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences), who then converted the fort into a research laboratory for plague and other bacterial diseases. Known as the “Plague Fort,” the facility is currently preserved as a public sightseeing destination that provides mysterious, abandoned spaces to capture by visiting and local Instagrammers alike.